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This complete Gourmet BBQ Box, set is the perfect box to have on a sunny afternoon. It is packed with a selection of the most delicious and favorite meats at Fine Food Specialist. The selection includes Morteau sausage, fennel sausages, Wagyu burgers, Iberico Secreto, and Argentine Beef Ribeye.

The more sausage is a traditional French smoked sausage that has been smoked for 48 hours with chippings of conifer and juniper. This gives it a unique smoky smell and flavor. Perfect to grill on the BBQ and slice up.

The Italian fennel sausages are a fantastic sizzler on the BBQ –  they are filled with Italian pork, a little pancetta, and aromatic fennel, which smells absolutely amazing when cooked!

Our Wagyu burgers are absolutely delicious, with succulent meat and marbled fat running through the Burger. The patties are incomparable to a regular burger and make the most luxurious Gourmet BBQ Box burger when paired with a brioche bun, and a cold beer.

The pork Secreto is best served medium to medium rare but should be warm in the middle to allow the fat from the high marbling to release its flavor. Baste in a hot pan for 2-3 minutes on each side and then finish in the oven depending on how thick the meat is. If you love pork, this is a must-try!

Last but not least, the Argentine ribeye steak is a generous 500g in size so is a great steak to share if cut up and put on aboard.

These grass-fed Argentinian cattle is an Angus – Hereford breed, who over time have crossbred with local breeds, and it is the unique characteristics of this species of Argentinian cows that are so unique and demanded.  Beef is a key component of Argentine cuisine, and something you will find at the top of every menu in the country.

There is something for everyone to try and enjoy in this box selection.

Simply defrost and grill meats on the BBQ or grill, and serve with a selection of homemade sauces like chimichurri or a smoky barbecue chipotle sauce.

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Gourmet BBQ Box

Gourmet BBQ Box, Frozen, +/-1.9kg

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