Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar


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  • Species: (Acipenser Guelden-Baerii) Osetra Hybrid Caviar
  • Country of origin: Belgium
  • Color: platinum to dark olive
  • Taste: nutty, rich
  • Size of pearls: medium plus
  • Texture: Firm

Firstly, Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar is produced from a hybrid sturgeon (osetra and siberian).

Secondly, The aim of this hybrid sturgeon species was to create a caviar that combined the large firm pearls of the osetra sturgeon with the delicious sweet and smooth flavor of the siberian sturgeon.

In addition, Royal Belgian has achieved its aim and more, creating a caviar which has become one of our best-sellers here at Browne.

With large pearls that have a platinum hue, this caviar has a stunning appearance.

Again, Equally impressive on the palate, the nutty notes of the osetra sturgeon are perfectly complement by the smooth and sweet finish of the siberian sturgeon.

Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar:

More so, Royal Belgian produces some of the finest caviar available. Run by husband and wife, Dr. Verdonk and Mia, Royal Belgian raises a variety of sturgeon species; including the osetra, siberianalbino sterlet, and osetra-siberian hybrid (platinum caviar). 

From the fertilization of the egg up to the production of caviar,

every step at Royal Belgian is monitore – and only one person, Mia, is entrust with the final production of the caviar.

Furthermore, Did you know that Browne Trading is the only caviar company in the United States that co-brands with producers of caviar? This means you can trace the caviar right back to the farm it came from!

 Also,  means that our caviar is the finest the producer has to offer. Their name included on our label emphasizes the confidence in the grade.

Caviar Grading Process

All the caviar offered by Browne Trading is graded by our Caviar Master, Richard Hall. Grading refers to the evaluation of the caviar’s tone (color), texture (firmness), and taste. 

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Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar

Royal Belgian Platinum Caviar

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